Legends Award


Johan Roux (postuum)

A pioneer of Afrikaans and creative advertising, Johan Roux moved the goal posts by not only winning several Pendoring awards, including the Pendoring Prestige Award, but also a number of other prestigious advertising awards. His skills as copy writer and creative director are legendary.


Francois de Villiers

As the creator of ‘Yebo Gogo’ (for Vodacom) and ‘Met eish’ (for Klipdrift), Francois de Villiers, former executive creative director of Draftfcb Cape Town (now FCB) and currently of Haas Collective, also in Cape Town, contributed hugely to Afrikaans and Truly South African advertising. He immortalised these sayings in colloquial speech and, in doing so, captured the hearts and minds of consumers all over the country.


Hennie Klerck

Hennie Klerck was the founding partner of Adverkor – later known as Klerck, Marais & Potgieter (KMP) and then Saatchi & Saatchi Klerck & Barrett – and was recognised for his pioneering role in promoting Afrikaans advertising over three decades.