From an enterprising project that was created in 1995 to put the spotlight on the sharpest possible Afrikaans advertising, Pendoring has evolved over the past 21 years into a comprehensive, truly South African advertising festival where mother-tongue advertising takes centre stage.

South Africa boasts some of the sharpest creative minds and Pendoring’s challenge is to promote the use of all indigenous languages so that each and every language can take up its rightful place in the advertising environment.

Over the past two decades, Pendoring has evolved into a comprehensive campaign aimed at promoting a stronger and wider awareness of the power of mother-tongue communication to a particular target market, be it in Afrikaans, Zulu or Xhosa, or any of the other indigenous languages. This focus was informed by the fact that consumers tend to open their hearts, minds and wallets more readily when they are addressed in their mother tongue, the language in which they think.

What’s more: Pendoring is also unique insofar as it’s the only advertising competition in SA with substantial cash prizes not only for the overall winners, but also for gold and silver winners in each category.

Besides its loyalty to its strong Afrikaans roots, Pendoring is increasingly seen as the ideal vehicle to promote creativity and rouse renewed interest in all other indigenous languages.

At the same time, both local as well as international research proves time and time again that the style, wit and impact of a commercial message become far more powerful when it’s delivered in the home language of a target market. Research showed that English is the home language of only 9,3% of all the people in South Africa. To reach the majority of all the consumers, it just makes good business sense to advertise in their mother tongue. Companies that realise this truth and invest in advertising campaigns in the language of a particular target market should see a significant return on their investment.

Subscribing to this notion, the Pendoring board therefore decided to open each and every category of the awards to all indigenous languages in South Africa, which means that henceforth vernacular advertising will compete – and be rewarded – on an equal footing with Afrikaans entries.

Pendoring’ highest accolades, the Prestige and Umpetha Awards, will furthermore be of equal standing, both comprising an overseas trip worth R100 000 for the overall winner of the best work in Afrikaans and in an indigenous language respectively. Likewise, the overall student winners of the best Afrikaans work and in an indigenous language, will each receive R10 000. In addition, every winner of a gold Pendoring receives R6 000, while winners of silver Pendorings each walks away with R2 500.