1. What is new this year?

Each one of South Africa’s 10 indigenous official languages now compete on equal footing for Pendoring’s sought-after gold and silver trophies in all the categories.

The Umpetha award for the best work in an indigenous language other than Afrikaans, which comprised a cash prize of R20 000 last year, will henceforth also consist of an overseas study tour worth R100 000.

New in the Student category; there will now be two prizes of R10 000 each for the overall student winners – R10 000 for the best Afrikaans winner and R10 000 for the best student in one of the other indigenous languages.

  1. When do entries close?

    Entries close on 8 August 2016. All work flighted/published from 31 July 2015 up to 31 July 2016 can be entered.
  2. Who can enter?

Anyone involved in the creation, publication or production of the work (including the brand owner, custodian, agency or production company). Work may not be entered by more than one business. The prize is awarded to the business that entered the work. Advertisements may only be submitted with the approval of the advertiser.


Students may only enter in the student category. Student entries must be produced from work set by educational institutions based within South Africa. Where possible, student work should be submitted by the School/College/University, rather than directly by the student.


  1. How is the work judged?
    All entries are judged anonymously. This means that the judges are not told the name of the agency that entered the work, or those of the teams that created it. This facilitates judging on merit. Entries are judged in two rounds. In the first round, judges vote In/Out for each entry. Entries that make it through the first round are not finalists. The results are then discussed by the panel and judges are allowed to motivate the inclusion of any piece (excluding their own work) that did not make it to the second round. In the second round, judges vote independently on the entries that made it through the first round scoring them between 0 and 100. Based on the scores finalists and winners are then chosen. The Jury Chairman will review and sign off final scores. 
  2. When will the finalists be announced?
    Finalists will be announced on Friday 16 September 2016.
  3. When and where is the gala event?
    The gala event is on Friday evening 28 October at Vodacom World in Midrand.
  4. I’m locked out of my account. What should I do?

     To unlock your account please send an email to pendoring@media24.com for assistance.