Categories are only eligible for South African non-English languages. All entries must be at least 70% in either Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Swazi, Tsonga, Venda, Tswana, Pedi or Sotho. All non-Afrikaans entries must come with an Afrikaans or English translation.


Students may only enter in the student category. Where possible, student work should be submitted by the School/College/University, rather than directly by the student.


All categories (including Crafts) are single entries, unless otherwise stated. For example, Posters must be entered individually, not several as one (1) entry. If in the opinion of the jury, several pieces constitute a campaign, then these entries will be combined into one campaign award.


Please check the ‘Preparation of Entries’ guidelines’ for each category for detailed information on what formats to use when submitting your entries.


Please check the ‘Rules’ to ensure your entry is eligible.



There are 12 main categories:


  1. Communication Design
  2. Digital & Interactive Communication
  3. TV/Film/Video Communication
  4. Print Communication
  5. Radio Communication
  6. Out-of-Home
  7. Live Events & Activations
  8. Integrated Campaign
  9. Original Afrikaans
  10. Retail Communication
  11. Craft
  12. Student Awards